Community Commission

Community Mural Action Program

Strengthening Communities through Public Art

Through our community commissions, Groundswell is commissioned by community groups, non-profit organizations, and public agencies to develop unique partnerships rooted in our collaborative artmaking process. Each community partnership culminates in a public art project that reflects the group's mission and furthers its strategic objectives. Community commissions often take place at a partner organization's site.

If you are a representative of a community-based organization and are interested in commissioning Groundswell, please complete our community partner inquiry form.



Throughout the year.

Past Projects

  • YEAR 2016

    DYCD Youth Leadership Conference

    LOCATION: 156 William Street New York, NY 10038

    In 2006, Department of Youth and Community Development hosted 400 youth at its annual youth conference, and Groundswell...

  • YEAR 2016

    I Never Thought It Could Happen to Me

    LOCATION: Livable Streets NY, NY 10041

    The goal of the project was to create two posters that were directed towards high school students with a message along...

  • YEAR 2016

    Diaspora Arts

    LOCATION: 905 Winthrop Street Brooklyn, NY 11203

    Turnaround Arts students and staff celebrated the Afro-Caribbean diaspora in a mural. Painted on the school’s...